About private jet charter

There are many reasons to use private jets. The main reasons that we hear most often are listed below.

Time saving – this is one of the most significant reasons for using private aircraft. When you fly commercial airlines, you waste more time than you realise. Next time you fly on a commercial aircraft, count the minutes – or even hours – that it takes between getting to the airport and actually taking-off. The most enjoyable difference between flying private and the commercial flying experience is that you have no waiting; none at all. The flight crew (pilots and attendant) are there an hour early FOR YOU, not the other way around.
Another benefit of flying with a private aircraft is their size. As most commercial planes are relatively large, they are unable to land on smaller runways, closer to your destination.

Convenience – Even with extremely short notice, we can get you a private charter jet to head to your important business meeting, family emergency, or any other engagement. Private jets even let you adjust your take off times as you go about your day, making it more convenient than ever to reach your destination when a meeting runs late or to change your arrival airport while still in the air. Your private jet can also organise a limousine to be ready waiting for you as you land so you can get to your hotel or business meeting immediately and without further delay. You can organise the flight to land nearer to your final destination as chartering opens up a whole other world of smaller airports to fly to. Private jet charters offer a high level of security and privacy for you, this is particularly helpful if you are in the public eye or a well know VIP.

Flexibility – Putting an itinerary together for business travel is tricky. It is even more difficult when the schedule is really tight and you have a lot to do over a short amount of time. A private jet will allow you to travel to your exact schedule, which is great if you have a lot of meetings in various locations over a number of days. You can dictate the departure time for the plane and where its departure location.

Quality of service – For any private jet company, providing sumptuous services is everything to keep up with their business. Private planes provide luxury furnishings, plenty of space, individualized attention, and your preferred food and drinks can be ordered ahead of time.
Have a child with a dietary restriction? Is a passenger elderly and needs help on and off the plane? Is privacy from the media a concern? Customer service is of the utmost importance.

Privacy  – Private jets help you to avoid unwanted attention at the terminals by making sure you are escorted to the plane’s private waiting room where you will only spend a few minutes waiting before being greeted by your pilot to proceed with boarding. There is plenty of space and privacy on a private jet, which means you can take your family, colleagues or clients on the flight.
When you arrive at the terminal, you are seconds away from stepping onto the aircraft without attracting any unwanted attention. When you are on board, you are free to behave as if you were at home, or to discuss business, without the risk of compromising sensitive information.
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